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Lofts & Garages. Spring Records and the Birth of Dance Music


Lofts & Garages. Spring Records and the Birth of Dance Music

Estilo: Electrónica
Discográfica: ACE.
CD Vinilo 2LP
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1980s New York was where modern dance music took its first steps, a phoenix rising out of the ashes of disco's over/exposure and demise. The underground scene was the very opposite of the celebrity-sprinkled commercialism of Studio 54 - "Lofts & Garages" looks at how the Spring label, with its brand new 1980s subsidiary Posse, reacted to the new movement. As an independent New York label, it was perfectly placed to understand new trends in the clubs< it worked with some of those who would go on to define the dance music of the era, and for a glorious summer tracked the important early work of Arthur Baker, Maurice Starr and Michael Jonzun. These began their careers with productions that included Ritz, Glory and Blaze - records that sounded perfect for 12/inch singles and mixed electronic instruments with a real feel for the dancefloor. These records may not have all worked on the floor of the Paradise Garage, but they were part of the energy that was given off by that and the rest of
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