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CULTS PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE - Cults Percussion Ensemble

Cults Percussion Ensemble


Cults Percussion Ensemble

Estilo: Pop / Rock
Discográfica: TRUNK.
Vinilo LP
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"This is the only album by the group. Assembled by percussion teacher Ron Forbes in 1976, the average age of the students was just 14. They came from a few of the schools in the area, including the Cults Academy, Ellon Academy, Aboyne Academy, Inverurie Academy and Powis. Over the years the original privately pressed album has achieved a little notoriety, not just because of the very beautiful music, but also because of the notable presence of one future star, but more of that later on. The original 1970s artwork for the album is all brown and beige, and I thought for something so musically beautiful a little more colour was in order. Whether this was a good idea or not is down to personal preferences but I quite like the new sleeve. And I’ll always love the music no matter what’s on the front. "
Prescripción musical Prescripción musical

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