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COHEN, LEONARD - Songs of Leonard Cohen

Songs of Leonard Cohen


Songs of Leonard Cohen

Estilo: Pop / Rock
Discográfica: LEGACY.
Vinilo LP CD
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1967 Reedición 2016 Incluye insert con las letras When Cohen became known as a musician in his late 30s with his albums Songs Of Leonard Cohen and the sophomore Songs From A Room, people were surprised that his music seemed to come out fully formed. Many were familiar with his work as an author and poet, but did not know that he had been a musician for most of his life. For Cohen, making music was another way to bring his poetry to the people. The dark thrall of his songs portray an artist that is ever able to trace the hidden contours of love, lust, sex, religion, politics and history. Songs Of Leonard Cohen is his 1968 debut, and it is filled with songs about the dynamics between men & women, but not necessarily about love. They deal more with the constant struggle between the sexes. On it are some of his most-loved songs such as "Suzanne", "Sisters Of Mercy" and "So Long Marianne". Escucha: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2VzsZug03I&list=PLF017BDF5EF3D73A6
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